Thursday, November 30

Patience is a Virtue

Bruce informed me earlier tonight that although I'm "very soft-spoken", I'm also "one of the most impatient people he's ever met." It wasn't said in a mean way, before you jump the gun, but in a sort of informative way. He likes to be informative after a few beers. I'm not offended. I know how his mind works. In fact, it made me think. I am, in fact, a very impatient person. At least I am when it comes to him. We have this amazing connection. We've had so many conversations discussing how there are no other people in the world we could possibly live with, and so on (unfortunately, for a couple less than two years wed we've had more than one person live with us, so we know), and I know for a fact that we were just destined to be together. So what gives? Why am I so impatient with him?

I can tell you one thing I'm not impatient for - NaBloPoMo's ending. I'm actually sad that today is the last day it's running, because it means I don't have a possible reward staring me in the face for posting every single day. I'm going to try to keep it up anyway (let's hope it sticks, eh?) because it really has helped my sleeping and to just clear my head in general. The whole reason I started blogging was to keep a record of what I was thinking and doing for myself, and there's no reason I shouldn't.

Guess what happened while Bruce and I were out to dinner tonight? You'll never guess. Go on, try.

You're wrong. In fact, the carpet and tree fairy visited our house. On our side porch, a roll of carpeting leaned against the house. At first I didn't know what to make of it, thinking one of our neighbors was possibly a flooring installation man and also very confused. Then I noticed the extra pine tree standing by our row of pines, and realized what had happened. I told my dad two days ago that I was in the market for some carpeting, and he told me he had some left over from a renovation at one of the schools he works in (he works for a school district as head of maintenance), and asked if I wanted it. I said yes, and it turns out that I'm very happy I did. It's this muted turquoisy-purple color, without too much fluff, and it will make the perfect cat-tree. If anyone knows of any good cat-tree-making tutorials or instructions online, please point me in the right direction. I'm all about making it right now.

So we've also got a Christmas tree! Hurray! I was so excited that I insisted it be put in water and set up RIGHT AWAY (see patience: above) even though the trunk looked like this at the bottom:

Well, it was fine for a little while, until I realized that the tree was either bending way toward the viewer or way toward the corner, and then I realized the problem wasn't with the way I was twisting the tree but with the trunk. Then I told Bruce this, and after thirty seconds of waiting I took matters into my own hands. I took the

[As I type, Bruce is opening Huck's mouth and pouring in a tiny bit of beer. If it weren't so funny I would chastise him for being too frat-boy for my tastes. It would help my argument if Huck wasn't begging for more beer afterwards.]

tree and I sawed off the bottom part of the stem (the curvy part) and then tried to stick it back into the tree holder, but it wouldn't reach the bottom so I sawed off some of the lowest branches as well. When Bruce came to help me it was all done and less than two minutes after his volunteering to help. I am perhaps a little bit impatient.

Anyway, O Christmas Tree and all that. Here's a picture:

Those pieces at the bottom are the parts I cut off. I might have been too impatient to take the stuff I'd already put on the tree off before I started sawing. I didn't get electricuted, but I wouldn't do it as habit. You know. Be more cautious than I am. You should know that by now.


susan said...

Yay for christmas trees. :) I wish we could have one. But our apartment is so tiny, and our cats are so bad. ;)

robert said...

well, it's a start. tis the season!