Saturday, November 18

My, What Authentic Floor Coverings!

My mom came over today to take a look at the new house. We made indian tacos and baked apples and talked about how festive we're feeling this holiday season. We also played a half of a game of cribbage. It's funny - I sometimes get the feeling that Mom forgets that I'm an adult, and can do things like follow a recipe without instruction. She's not terrible about it, but I wonder if it would be the same if I had kids of my own. When she was my age, I was four years old. I guess your kids growing up is a hard thing to get used to for most parents.

Here's a picture of the baked apples. Don't they look appealing? It's not my sort of thing - too many things going on - but they look great. Beautiful, I mean. And my house smells great.

Here's a picture of the needles and yarn I bought from knitpicks.

Huck and I took a walk through the swamp to the lake this afternoon. There's a path to follow, and it looks like it's been well-used, but it goes right through the marsh for about a half mile. It was very pretty, and the deer skull we came across was interesting, but I think I would have enjoyed it more had I not just finished It and my heart had not been palpatating in terror.


Jess said...

I'm quite glad that you had a nice day of cooking and conversation. I baked flat cookies (my mom's baking soda is a little old apparently), and slept on the couch a bit. I also cleaned up Conner pee THREE times today. He's taken to marking his territory. It was my bed twice before we left. Any hesitation I had about stripping him of his manhood is gone.

I'm snipping the balls on Tuesday.

Sunny said...


God, I hope that takes care of the problem for you. Luckily, Huck doesn't know what manhood is. I don't think he'd be a marker even if he had his balls. A humper, yes indeed, but a marker? I doubt it.

Nina said...

You got to send me the recipe for baked apples. My mom loves them and I know she would love that recipe.

I'm happy that you are doing so well. =)

susan said...

What, pray tell, are indian tacos?

Miss Wired said...


I'm soo hungry after seeing your baked apples pic!