Wednesday, November 1

The Surgery

(This post brought to you by my nap, which ran for almost 
three hours, and the crazy way that Daylight Savings Time is affecting my sleeping schedule this year. Also by the freak out I had when I woke up and it was completely dark out.)

Huckleberry is doing fine. We brought him in at eight this morning to get neutered. He was SO EXCITED. We've got a great dog, he just loves everything. He loves new people. He loves new smells. He loves getting shots. (Really, I was holding him and he didn't flinch even a bit at the antibiotic.)

I called the clinic at one to see how the surgery had went, and the receptionist sounded really taken with him. She kept calling him a sweetheart, and said the only thing he's not happy about is that he's all alone in the back. I guess he cries when she leaves him to go to the front of the office.

The good news is he should be twelve pounds lighter. Those balls, they were huge!


Miss Wired said...

I hope he's okay and not giving you those whites-of-eyes stares that say "I don't know what you did, but I don't feel the same."

Jess said...

You could always get him the replacement balls that they sell. I think it's ridiculous to give your dog nut implants, but some people just can't let go.

Glad he's doing well!