Tuesday, November 7

Congratulations, Wisconsin!

If the results don't change, you've voted yourselves the right to kill people! You rock! After all, who better to decide who lives and dies than people from Wisconsin, right? We rock!

My state is pissing me off right now. Not only do we think we can decide who lives and dies, but the polls are showing (as of now, which is 10:21, although Marinette county apparently has had some trouble with rogue candidates for sheriff) that we voted FOR legally defining marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman.

Sorry, all of you people who have lived together for twenty years or more! You're insignificant!

Sorry, little brother, you're forever banned from being legally wed in Wisconsin, because the old fucks in our state who will most likely be dead by the time you want to get married can't stand the thought of anal sex!

But hey, we know best! If we can decide to kill people, for sure we deserve to decide who can love each other!

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