Saturday, November 4

Finished: It

I love Stephen King's LONG books. Reading a LONG book really helps with the feeling of despair I get when I'm nearing the end of a book I love.

I read Knitting Without Tears today, and in it she mentioned having the same pains when finishing a knitted garment - she falls in love with it and doesn't want it to end. So she draws out the finishing process.

That's exactly what I did with my book. The last hundred pages took me as long as the previous three hundred. I drew it out, but it's over now. Time to move on.


susan said...

I can definitely relate. It's hard to let go of characters to whom you've grown attached.

Jester said...

Greetings from California! I'm trying to view as many of the sites participating in NaBloPoMo as I can (there are a lot). I'm only commenting on the ones I like, and I had to stop and say hi.

"It" was by far my favorite King novel. I got so completely sucked into the story and the characters became so real for me that I cried when I finished the book because it meant saying goodbye to them. Gay, yes, I know.