Tuesday, November 7

Family Planning

On Saturday, I took a trip to our Humane Society. They had a bunch of very desirable animals there, including a kitten named Clifford, whom I filled out an application to adopt.

Bruce and I went back there today to scope out the scene, and have a discussion in the presence of Clifford whether we should really be adopting animals right now. Our conclusion is this: Yes. But not today.

We just sent off an application to the owners of The Bungalo. If they approve us, then we can get a kitten. If they don't approve us, we can get a kitten. The point is, we need to know where we'll be living if we get a kitten.

After the kitten, we're totally getting another puppy. I never said I didn't want a large family, I just said I wasn't sure I'd like them to be human.

PS: I hope you all voted.

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