Thursday, November 2

Two for One

Hurr-y, hurr-y, hurr-y. You too can participate in the special poor-friendly-girl discount at the dentist in Green Bay, earing you the best deal in town: Get one tooth pulled, look sad and almost cry but be super "brave", get second tooth (preferrably wisdom) pulled free!

I'm a little vicodin-ey right now, but seeings as I want to have Jessica set up Wordpress for me for free, I have to post a post every day this month. I don't believe that "not being high on painkillers" was a rule. Luckily, neither was, "Make complete sense and use proper grammar."

Hopefully tomorrow things will be clearer.

Bruce has been amazing. Not only did he help me drop off Huck at the vet's yesterday, help me pick him up today, and drive me to Green Bay to have my tooth/teeth pulled this afternoon, but he's been doing it all with me being a total PMS bitch. Bruce, you are amazing and I love you.

Love, Vicodin Girl

PS: Huck is doing just fine. He will continue to do fine, so long as we can wrastle him to the ground and convince him that he's HAD SURGERY ON HIS BALLS, MAYBE HE SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING AROUND LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.

PPS: I am laughing, laughing. I just realized we got a two-for-one deal on his surgery, too.

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