Saturday, November 11

When You Write a Post Everyday, You Run Out of Clever Ideas for Titles

Last night was one of those terrible nights of drinking. I didn't feel all happy drunk, but I knew I was intoxicated and I could tell I was being annoying, and it made me mad at myself and I totally should have just gone home but my brother is in town and I didn't want to leave him there alone. That sucked.

We totally found all five gay people who live in this town.

This morning, we visited a house that's for rent by the lake, and the lady offered it to us. Just like that.

The house is pink, and we're taking it. $460/month, three bedroom, huge-ass shed in the back that could fit an army of cars (seriously, at least four), and best of all it's by the lake. There's a trail in the back leading into the woods behind the shed, and if you follow it down, you come out by the lake. It's pretty cool. I'm making grand plans for bird feeders.

The first bedroom we're using as a bedroom, the second as an office, and the third is up for grabs. I'm going to lobby for a crafting/reading/quiet reflection room for myself.

In other news, I have terrible posture and if I keep slouching all the time, I'm going to end up a hunchback. There's a pretty picture, right? I'm trying to correct that.

Baked cookies tonight, chocolate chip. I wanted to get ambitious and make some good ones, but ended up using the recipe on the back of the bag like always. Not as tasty as my molasses cookies from a couple of weeks ago, but still good standbys. I baked them a little too long for most people's tastes, but for some reason I like my chocolate chips bordering on burnt. It's just how I roll, baby.

Oh yeah, it freaking SNOWED here! I bet you weren't expecting that - I know I sure wasn't. All last week it was in the high fifties, and then BAM! we're walloped by a few inches of sticking snow. You should have seen Huckleberry. He wasn't even sure about going outside until Bruce did it first and showed him it was alright. Then it was all typical dog - running around and romping in the fluffy white stuff.

Bruce told me an amusing story about Huck in the snow. Huck's so low to the ground that when he squats to "make water"* his wee is almost on the ground. Well, yesterday, the ground was covered in cold white stuff. He would walk a few steps, squat, get a really surprised look on his face and stand right back up without going. He went through this at least three more times before he hit pay dirt - a patch of snow that was already been trampled down. Too cute.

*I love that term.

We've got some pictures of him in the snow, but the camera is upstairs and so you'll have to wait for tomorrow's post to get them. Have a happy rest of the weekend!


susan said...

I am hideously jealous of that amazing house. Tom & I spent part of the day looking for a new apartment. It's hard to find a place (1 bedroom, 1 bath, in a not completely scary part of town) for less than $1k/month. Los Angeles rules! Not. :P Can I come visit you?

Sunny said...

Of course!

Jess said...

I've been watching the snow head your way over the course of the week as I get my daily dose of The Weather Channel. I'm envious, my dear. We're still hovering in the 50s, and it makes me hurt. I want colder weather - especially for the Friday after Turkey Day when my sister and I will most surely be strapped together on the roof hanging the Christmas lights from the guttering. It needs to be wear your gloves cold, dammit.

Send some of the cold whiteness our way, or at least the cold weather. Conner's got some sweaters to wear!