Wednesday, November 22

I'm Not Thankful for the Cable Company

Of the six days we've had our DVR from the cable company, it's worked four. The past two days, Bruce has spend countless time on the phone with tech support.

[Just overheard: "When I talked to someone yesterday, they mentioned something about the internal modem not showing up where it should be?"

Don't you love it when you've spent enough time on the phone with support people that you start suggesting things to them?]

I just got home from work (I was scheduled until two, don't ask) and I think part of the problem is that the technician that was supposed to show up this afternoon... didn't.

Lisa and I had a date this afternoon for coffee and pie, but due to work crap, it was thwarted. As if I needed pie the day before Thanksgiving. What was I thinking? I mean, besides "Pie, Good!"

I have an appointment tomorrow morning forty-five minutes from here to drop off some medications. Luckily it's in the same area as my Thanksgiving lunch. Unluckily, I'm supposed to be making green bean cassarole for the family dinner tomorrow morning. Also unluckily, I don't want to show up three hours early to dinner. We'll see how it goes.

Thankful? Yeah, there's plenty I'm thankful for. Ask me about it tomorrow.

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Love Monkey said...

The cable phone techs have become close friends of mine. I am typing very fast because any minute now I'm going to lose my connection again.
- LM