Saturday, November 25


It goes like this:
It all starts with a scratchy throat.

Then you lose your voice a bit.

Then you get a headache.

Then you run to the bathroom and don't come out for a few hours.

Then you throw up.

Or, if you're a dog, it goes like this:

It all starts with a trip to the farm.

You notice a yummy substance on the ground.

Mama yells at you, "STOP EATING THE CHICKEN SHIT!"

You ignore her.

Then your tummy hurts and you want to GO OUTSIDE all of the time.

One time you even GO OUTSIDE in your crate.

That makes you cry.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

We're all sick around these parts. All of us. Even Linus tossed his kibble on the carpet in the hallway. It's not a good day in our house.

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