Wednesday, March 29

Crotches and Other Stuff.. Who am I Kidding, it's Only Crotches.

So, I am interested in meeting people in my own age group. People who may or may not be married, people who may or may not be interested in going out and getting wasted, just for the fun of getting wasted. No goal in mind, for either set of people.

Am I insane? I crave the sort of drama I had when I was single. I want to fix people up with other folks. I want to help out the single portion of our nation.

Why is it so hard for someone over the age of 25 to meet someone they don't find irritating? Why can't I stand most people anymore?

Am I getting crotchety already? If so, tell me how to fix it!


Miss Wired said...

Most people around mid-twenties are irritating. Myself included. :P

Biglug said...

I find that after college it was hard to meet new people - especially if you don't work with cool people. If I didn't work with cool people I'd never make new friends. Oh, there's knitting group - that's led to some cool friends.

Jess said...

I work somewhere that lends itself to an influx of cool people all the time, but, unfortunately, they're also the ones that are too young to ever consider. I figure, either R figures it all out, or I'm a spinster.

sunny said...

I know a bunch of cool people from work! Unfortunately, they're all over 65. I work with old folks - have the opposite problem of Jess.

B said...

I think you have to be in an area with like-minded people. A bigger city would help with this. If work is out of the question, the only other option is to try to meet people other ways - joining groups (like biglug said) or maybe going to events that you're interested in. Unfortunately, it's harder to do in a smaller town