Friday, March 10

Heartily Disappointed

I just watched the season finale of Project Runway, and Boy, are My Eyes Tired. Of Rolling.

Not for nothing, but when I saw the first episode of Season 2, I made my predictions. And as you all can see, my prediction was totally false. Fuck, Little Miss Two-Face actually fucking won. That's just plain bad. I hope to hell they pull through with the next season, because the one designer I thought had any personality at all - spunk, pizazz, general fashionista bravisimo - was cut first.

You know what really pissed me off? The fact that the guy who didn't have any personality but yet is a fantastic designer got cut, whereas the girl who made a bunch of prom dresses circa 1985 won the freaking contest. Give me a break, people. And I agree with Jess, "what you came up with in 5 months I could have created using my graduation robes and some silly putty", if only I was given silly putty and a freaking 1985 Teen Magazine when I was 7 to put it all together. What a crock.

And her freaking show at the end? That entire, "I don't mean to sound like a bitch (paraphrased), but I totally feel like I won already," that was total grounds for me hating her fucking guts for the rest of my life. The fact that she designed clothes I wouldn't wear if my long happy life, and the long happy lives of my friends for as long as we all shall live should depend on it even if the year was Dynasty-Fashioned, well... That just makes it worse.

But I do have to say, I will always Love Jay. Jay was perfection. I think it will be hard to live up to his fashion and his just plain entertainment plateau. As a whole, he's a whole lotta dude who's got the heart of me, and there are rare few who can even try to accommodate the place in my heart.

Tomorrow? Pretty pictures of our kitchen.


Brown said...

lmfao. i don't even have anything to say. i mean, i can't think of anything to say, because i'm still laughing. silly putty. hahahahaha

Jess said...

R and I were substantially peeved. I think she's an emotionless wench who is never going to do anything of substance with her fashion career.

Although, did you know that Kara did a "decoy" line for Olympus Fashion Week and it TOTALLY rocked. It turns out she couldn't be chosen as one of the helpers because she was spending $8,000 and her own 5 months designing a line as well. She even had to do her 13th outfit alone! Can you believe it? Her line rocked.