Friday, March 10

Photo Friday: Red


I told you all before about how much I enjoyed cleaning the empty apartment. What I mean by that is that although I enjoyed it much more than cleaning a FULL apartment, it was still cleaning and inherently evil. Guess what, though?

When we turned in our keys on Tuesday, the apartment manager complimented me several times on how great a job I did cleaning the place. She talked about it for far longer than I was comfortable with (my face was bright red and would have made a good picutre for today's Photo Friday, but there are times when one cannot just whip out the camera and photo onesself), and then she offered me a job. Cleaning empty apartments. Because I'm obviously so good at it. We walked out of there, and the first thing I said was, "Oh my god, I have to call Mom!" And I did.

Thank you, Mom.


Lisa said...

So are you going to take her up on the offer?

sunny said...

I just might do that. I have to wait until she's back from vacation and then call her to talk about it. Sounds like they pay per apartment, so I'll have to see if the pay is worth it for the work involved. Some of those places are pretty nasty, I bet.

Brown said...

DUDE. you rock. if I lived near you, I'd partner up with you, and we'd clean those empty apartments for $$$ like there was no tomorrow.


PS. a good lesson in learning to take a compliment. REVEL IN IT, baybee