Friday, March 31

I Hate Statistics

  • 0: % chance that anything would be different if I were in Wisconsin right now. There's not a thing I could do to help or change anything. It's all a matter of waiting for her to heal. I guess she's being a bit of a shrew about starting physical therapy on her knee.
  • 50: % odds that she'll end up having heart surgery after her knee heals. They've got most of the problem under control with diuretics, and they're going to keep it that way until she's recooperated from her knee surgery. She's 83, my Grandma. They want to make sure she heals reasonably well before they start messing with her heart.
  • 66: % of her sons are able to be there with her, my Grandma, while she's in the hospital. Uncle Les drove 4.5 hours to be there with her, and is staying in a house owned by the hospital next door. It's good, because my parents live 45 minutes away. Uncle M is in KC, and is feeling the guilts because he can't be there. He has conditions that don't make it easy for him to travel.
  • 33: % of her daughters-in-law. Both of my aunts are at home, holding down their various forts.
  • 50: % is not a bad ratio when it comes to blood vs. inlaws. She has 50% more blood there than marriage.
  • 75: % that I'm a little terrified to meet some of my own marriage this weekend.
  • 100: % going to St. Louis to see my brother-in-law while he's back from Iraq. He leaves to go back tomorrow morning, bright and early.


Jess said...

Have a safe trip (both of you). And I'm still sending good thoughts your way. :o)

B said...

It was fun - pictures coming (on my blog, believe it or not) soon.