Wednesday, March 1

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Here's Part II:

Toilet #1:

Toilet #2:

Ok, rules are the same for this part. Tell me which toilet you think is from the House of the Future, and which is from the current apartment. Remember, don't be fooled by cheap parlor (or photoshop, cough) tricks!

See Part I for the prize info. No, I haven't gotten any closer to revealing it yet.

I'm going to keep the contest going until Friday, when we move. So participate! It's fun! You could win stuff!


Jess said...

Toilet #1: Old House

Toilet #2: New House

Thank Pete it let me actually post!

susan said...

#1 New house
#2 Old house

(basing that solely on the similarity of lighting with the faucet pictures)

HappyFunBall said...

Toilet #1-Old Place.

Toilet #2-New Place

And hasn't Jess already seen the toilet and sink in your old place, making her ineligble to participate? :D

B said...

I live there and I have no clue...

sunny said...

You guys are all smarter than me. I would like to think that Jess is more honorable than to guess if she has an insider's stake in things... but maybe not.

Jess? Care to defend yourself? :)

nads said...

I am going with susan.

#1 : New house
#2 : Old house

Based on the way the lights look.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I can't tell you whether or not I know anything. I mean, maybe I do have an inside edge. Or maybe I don't have an inside edge. If I told you, then you'd know that you should agree with me or totally disagree with me. And that wouldn't be fair.

However, in the interest of not being a spoil sport (if in fact I do have an inside edge), I will not be participating in the "prize winning" portion of this game. I just want to be able to guess all the same.

And the toilet did throw me a bit, so I can't say that I'm that good. Even B doesn't know his own bathroom(s).

B said...

Yeah, I'm not usually in there for the scenery...:)

Tiffany said...

I vote that Fixture #1 & Toilet #2 are from the new house!

Congrats on the new digs!