Tuesday, March 21

My Dear Little Brussels Sprouts,

How I miss you when I don't hear from you! What happened today that you're sad about? What happened today that made you glad to be alive? What happened today that you were all "Meh," about, but seems sort of cool, now you think about it? What little glorious achievements did you accomplish? What made you want to cry? Tell me all about it, parsnips! I want to hear it all!

  1. I woke up this morning and went to the evil store in my red hat. When I got there, I caught sight of myself in a mirror and realized that either that really cool girl who told me it was cute was lying, or I've become un-cute enough to make it ugly. Either option is sad.
  2. I woke up to Bruce telling me that it was 8:00. I had a minute of disappointment at having to get up before I realized that I didn't have to work today. Having a day off feels nice. So does being woken up and then realizing you can sleep as long as you want.
  3. I finished "Little Altars Everywhere" and while it's not as good as "Divine Secrets", it was ok. I love finishing a book, though. So that's cool.
  4. I braved the video store early this afternoon. Although you'd think that the traffic would be calmer on a Tuesday afternoon than on a Friday evening, this is not so. Even though the amount of employees there is the same. I can't figure out if it's all the questions/reminders they're required to ask/tell us, or if it's just their level of gross incompetence when it comes to quickly servicing their consumers, but fuck they're slow. Seriously.
  5. I watched "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", and it made me cry. But you should definitely read the book, there's more to the story and the characters are a lot more complex.

So, tell me about your day!

And here's a few pictures of that dishcloth you were all DYING to see. (You can't fool me, I know nothing excites you more than a dishcloth!)

If any of you knitters are wondering, I just did a really simple repeat, which went something like this:

Cast on 36 stitches
Rows 1&2: k2, p2, repeat to end
Rows 3&4: p2, k2, repeat to end

I contemplated slipping the first stitch of every row, but then I forgot that I contemplated that and then just didn't do it. I knit until I felt like it was almost square and the yellow bits were approximately even on either end. It turned out pretty well. It's kind of pretty. What more do you want from a dishcloth?


It's Not Me said...

Brussels Sprouts? Parsnips? Dishcloths?

OK, so I get the dishcloths.

I liked the Ya-Ya movie better than the book, personally. Which is odd for me, Super Avenger of Book Spines and the Bastards That Destroy Them.

I don't know what else to say, except that I'm trying to make my comment longer than your post.

Did it work?

sunny said...

No. But you can try again next time!

The movie made Sidda a lot more angry than the book, I think. And as I'm not really someone who gets angry at stuff, it made more sense to me. And Connor was more attractive in an, "Ok, sweetie, find your own way, I'll be here when you're ready" sort of way.

But I did like how the Ya-Yas were there to tell her the stuff she didn't get to hear in the book. But I liked the message in the book better. I'm torn, what can I say?

Jess said...

I've only seen the movie. I might read the book. I might add it to my list of "need to reads."

After seeing all your lovely knitting, I'm totally convinced that I suck a whole lot at knitting. I'm also convinced I'm never going to get better. Additionally, I don't know if I'm supposed to be doing anything other than a standard stitch when making a scarf, or if there is a point where one would b purl. Dammit. Now, I'm frustrated.

But I love you.

HappyFunBall said...

Jess, maybe you just need to get some help with your knitting. Maybe you can go bug the local yarn store, see if they have classes or just really helpful clerks.

sunny said...

Sweetie, it's all up to you. You knit how you want to knit. There's no right way or wrong way.

You know, HFB has a really good idea. Those yarn shop ladies are pretty nice. There's an added bonus of getting to go to a yarn shop, too.