Saturday, March 18

Last Sunday,

Along with the rest of the world who's rich enough for HBO, I watched the start of the next (Fifth? Sixth? Who knows?) season of the Sopranos. Let me tell you, it was pretty freaking good. Even for someone who has always been too poor for HBO. Except those years before we had my little brother in tow. Let me tell you, he sucked all the money out of our house. (Just kidding, Robbo. I think the real reason we got rid of HBO was because I kept watching The Twilight Zone and having nightmares about sticks flying at my head.)

[God, this first beer is the best first beer I've ever had. No lie.]

So last night, we decided to rent the first two DVDs of the first season of The Sopranos. We watched the first episode last night before we passed out. (Well, I watched the first episode, Bruce watched the first 10 minutes of the first episode. When it was over, he woke up and we both went to bed. I cast on for a dishcloth while watching, and lo and behold, this morning while watching the next seven episodes, it got finished. How great is that? This is why I love dishcloths - they're so damn quick!

(this is where I'll put the motherfucking pictures when the fucking website starts working again, eh?)

The yarn is plain old Sugar and Cream cotton. It's only about $1.00. Yeah, that cheap.

Ok, kiddos, love ya!

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susan said...

As one who is too stingy for HBO, I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos. However, my grandma's really into it (we call it the Fucka-fucka show, for all the f-this and f-that that goes on), so I heard all about the exciting start of the season. know...exciting and all. ;)