Sunday, March 19


I know I'm new to the whole online knitting community thing, but I started looking at Knitty before I ever started knitting - sometime last summer - and I thought I had it all figured out. You see, the fall Knitty came out in September, that was up for three months (September, October, November) and then came the winter issue. I assumed it was for winter (December, January, Februrary), and that a new issue would be coming in March.

Was it wrong for me to assume they had one issue every three months? You know, because there are 12 months in a year, and (commonly thought to be, though not in Missouri) 4 seasons every given year?

Really, doesn't that make sense to anyone else? 12 / 4 = 3, no? Three months per season?

Am I the only at the edge of my seat for the online magazine to put out their spring edition? Am I simply being shitty?


Lisa said...

No way, man. There are four seasons. I don't care what anyone says. Come to Wisconsin and we can introduce you to a buffett of seasons.

Jess said...

In Missouri, there used to be four seasons. Now there are two seasons with some little glimpses of the Seasons of Years Past. I hate fucking global warming.