Wednesday, March 29

Turn for the Worse

Robby: i will call you
when dad calls me
Sarah: please do
it's fine
i love you
Sent at 10:08 AM on Wednesday
Sarah: i love you too
Did i just tell myself i love me too?
Sent at 10:10 AM on Wednesday

Grandma has had knee surgery and is in the hospital today. Last night my dad was in there with her, and they gave her a patch to help her breathing.

This morning he got a phone call from the hospital, telling him she "took a turn for the worse" and that he needed to come to the hospital.

That's all the information I have.

Update: They think she's going to be ok.


Jess said...

I'll keep sending good thoughts your way until you're 100% sure she's absolutely wonderfully fine.


Miss Wired said...

I hope she's okay.