Thursday, March 16

Little Rituals

Every single morning I go through my little dances of things I need to do before I leave the house. Having a house makes this much more enjoyable. I have things to do now, before I leave. Things to wake me up before I get in the car and show up at work wondering why I don't remember the drive.

- Have a glass of orange juice. I never used to like it, would only barely tolerate the no-pulp variety on very rare occasions, and now I like the "Lots of Pulp!" kind. Strange.

- Walk around, open the blinds. My house is big enough and private enough that it matters if the light comes in. This is so refreshing. There are more than three windows. I can't believe there were three windows in my old place. How depressing.

- Feed the cat. He seems to be eating more, running around the wide open spaces of the living room. Maybe I'm just noticing because we're running out of cat food.

What are your little rituals?

I have some exciting news about some Perfectly Good Lawn Furnature that I'm sure Lisa will love hearing about later this week.


Jess said...

I always open the blinds to the patio so the kittens have something to look at during the day.

Feed my fish.

Turn down the furnace.

Of course, there is also much stomping into the bathroom, rummaging through drawers and complaining about having nothing to wear.

Lisa said...

I would love to hear about perfectly good lawn furniture! I meant to leave a comment before about the cellphone sized hail. The same EXACT day you posted that, Todd and I were just saying that no one seems to have ANY way of describing hail, other than "golf ball sized" around here. In fact, we were told to expect golf ball sized hail that day, only to look up and see what we considered to be "pea sized" hail falling from the sky. Take a lesson from the Missouri folks, people...learn some adjectives other than "golf ball sized."

Jess said...

Walnut sized hail?