Tuesday, March 28

I Almost Can't Believe it Myself, So Don't Be Alarmed if You're Suspicious

This morning I woke up and lay in bed for a few minutes, thinking about my day. I snuggled with the cat. (As much as anyone can snuggle with a Linus, that is. It's all about reading the warning signs.) I thought about the dreams I had. (One dream involved some girls I knew in college and some socks I'm not finished knitting, the girls had ruined the socks.) I lay there and thought about the day I was going to have. I thought about taking a walk. And then, people, and then I WENT FOR A WALK.

I know, I know. Feel free to take a few moments to yourself to compose. I understand. I'm a little shocked myself.

In the spirit of a Very Brave Friend, I thought I might post a Before Picture of myself. I am very not brave enough for a bikini shot or anything, but I did take some pictures (using the timer) of myself in my walking uniform. They're not pretty, but I hope that someday fairly soon, this shirt will cover my ginormous belly. I hope that someday my track pants won't be forced into high water pants from the stress of trying to cover my behind. It was a little embarassing being out there today, but like Lisa always said, "Wouldn't it be more embarassing to not do anything about it?"

You know what? She's right. Whenever I see an overweight person working out, I cheer them on in my mind. They're getting healthy. I want to get healthier, too. And let's face it. I could stand to lose a few pounds. For me.

Before you get too excited, I want to say that I'm not really expecting to look very different very soon. I mainly want to be able to walk around the block without getting out of breath. I want my joints to be happier. Exercise helps that.

Plus, who knows how long this'll last? Let's be honest.

I picked the side view because it looks the least like I'm a doughy ball of confusion. Apparently the timer had me a little distressed and unsure for the first three shots, and they all happened to be the head-on ones. Also, from the side you can see exactly where my problem is. Yeah, that giant belly? That would be the problem. No sucking it in today, folks.


Later: Ok, so I was uploading the pictures from my camera while I was typing that entry out - not unusual for me - and I hit a few strange buttons on the keyboard by accident, but nothing seemed to go wrong, so I thought "No Biggie" and kept on uploading. (Does anyone else ever do that, or am I just the clutziest/laziest person ever to live?) Anyway, explorer wasn't letting me load the pictures onto blogger, so I went to Firefox to do that thing I do and when I closed explorer,

...this was looking me straight in the eye. I about died. Apparently what I did when I "hit some buttons" was save one of the head-on pictures as my background. It took a few moments for me to realize that it had been stretched to fit this screen. And now, since I had to show you that one because it's just so damn funny, I need to show you the original as well, to prove that I'm not a dwarf.


Lisa said...

Good for you!! I'm walking today as well. I've gotten LeeAnn to join me, so I finally have a walking partner again. If I ever remember to steal the camera back from LeeAnn and Derrick, I'll post an update picture of myself. I've made quite a bit of progress. Good luck with your endeavor.

Jess said...

How lovely, my dear.

My goal tomorrow is to get my ass out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to work out. Just walking on the treadmill, but it gives me something to do that should directly compliment my healthy eating habits. We shall see.

I'm not quite sure I'm up to taking a picture of myself, but we'll see. Maybe. As long as I put the black bar over my eyes so no one knows who I am. :o)