Wednesday, March 1

How's That Song Go?

"I am slowly going crazy..."

Well, I think that's putting too fine an edge on things anyway. I just read a line in the book I'm reading (see sidebar), "The Glen in question was tall, blond, and built like a brick outhouse," and before I got to the end of the sentance, I'd already convinced myself it said "shithouse", because why wouldn't it? Isn't that the most wonderful little phrase? Lisa's sister often says she's built like a shetland pony, which is awesome. I'm not as lovely as her. I'd much prefer it to be said, "She's built like a brick shithouse." Is there something wrong with that? I sort of think it'd be cool.

Speaking of LeeAnn... have you ever seen CSI? The original Las Vegas version is the one I'm talking about. The girl, Sara I think, looks so much like LeeAnn it freaks me out. It's only when she turns her head a certain way, but it's totally there. She might have a few inches in height and many years on LeeAnn, though.

Speaking of celebrity look-alikes, did you know that my best friend looks a lot like a young Geena Davis? Really, she does. Beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, I'm feeling a little bit like crap lately. I really can't wait to get out to Nixie and into a neighborhood that's walking-friendly. In the apartment, we've been surrounded on all sides with busy streets with no sidewalks and Low Shoulders. It makes for hazzardous walking conditions. This in no way excuses my almost complete lack of exercise in the past year and a half, but it helps. There's a track down the road from us that goes in a circle, but walking in a circle appeals to me just about as much as a treadmill. And a treadmill appeals to me as much as a mud sandwich. Walking around a neighborhood will be good for me. I likes some spying.

Speaking of resolutions, I've also got to stop reading the blogs of people I don't like. And I'm thisclose to taking down my links page. It's like, I never update the damned thing anyway, and I don't want anyone to feel bad for me being lazy... Let me know what you think. I don't think anyone really finds them useful, but if you do, please let me know.

I might just start posting the new blogs I find here on the main page. This would be more helpful if blogger had a category function, but I've been thinking of switching to another system anyway. We'll see.

I can't think of anything else right now. Here's what I found sitting in a display of candles at work today:

And this is what it turned out to be. I hate those Jesus people (who put out fake money). I really do.

Linus is going slightly insane. He's freaking out because we've been moving the little stuff slowly but surely over the past few days. Now there's hardly any little stuff left, and I'm sure if he had a mind to think such things, he would be thinking, "Fuck, I hope they don't forget me!" The only thing keeping him sane at the moment is the fact that we haven't removed any of "his" stuff - his outhouse, his food, or his water. Or his toilet. (He likes to drink from the toilet.) So, to make him feel better, I sometimes let him sit in the window in the sunshine. It makes him feel better until there's a noise from inside the apartment, and then he freaks. Like this.

He's pretty, though, don't you agree?


happyfunball said...

Now, I can't say for certain, but I'm reasonably sure that Jesus would totally agree that people who plant fake money to try and convert people should be hit with a sandal. Hard.

susan said...

He is quite the handsome feline specimen. Not that I'm biased toward adorable tabby-on-white furballs or anything... ;)