Monday, March 13

Pink Blobs! Random-Electronic-Instrument-Sized Hail!

[Some areas of the Ozarks were hit pretty hard, and we were damn lucky. I'm certainly taking a second today to think about the people who have lost their homes or gotten hurt in the natural disasters of the past year. And pray to your Gods, if you see fit. Because if tornado season is starting in March, it's going to hit hard.]

Last night was a little scary. There was this pink blob that kept making like it was going to get closer and maybe hit us, and there were these guys that kept running outside to get pieces of what was falling from the sky to show us and comparing them to odd (but certainly familiarly-shaped) objects. It was strange, and a little bit scary. Bruce and I gathered some supplies for just-in-case, and we set up a little hub in the master bathroom. Some of it was still there when I woke up this morning.

Notice how I took my knitting and my purse. I'm not sure what I thought I would be doing if the power went out, but I'd have my freaking ID to do it with. I'm so practical.

I thought I'd also update y'all with the things I've been doing with my free time. Looks like I forgot to put "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" into the sidebar. I must have been too busy reading it. It's a shame, because it sure is pretty.

I'm done with it now, and it's a wonderful book. You simply must read it. I liked it so much that I picked out another of her books at the library today.

I've also been knitting a little bit. I thought it was a lot, but then I realized that it wasn't, it's just that I have been knitting something I never thought I'd get around to: a second sock.

And also a surprise for some of my favorite puppies:

Which I can't divulge. I'm knitting it with this wonderful silk/merino blend I bought off of Ebay a while back. You should feel it. I thought it was soft when it was in a ball, but it's about 6 times as lovely when it's knitted up.

When we were watching the weather last night (we almost got a tornado!), hoping that the pink blobs wouldn't fly over our new house, the weather dude got super excited and kept showing off the pieces of hail that were hitting their parking lot. Apparently, someone's job last night was to run outside when they saw a big chunk of ice and haul ass into the studio so that the weather dude could show it off. I want that job. At one point, the dude was a little excited and couldn't think of any standard hail-measurements. You know, like coin or sports metaphors (dime-sized, softball-sized) and came up with some measurements of his own. Cell-phone-sized hail was hitting their building at one point. Cell-phone sized hail. I about died.

Of course, for the rest of the night, whenever he held up those chunks of ice, B and I made fun of him. "Look, Button, they're getting Pager-Sized hail!"

"Lord help us, they're getting Dildo-Sized hail now!"


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Cell phone-sized hail? If that ain't a sign of the times, I don't know what is. That's awesome and horrifying all at once.