Monday, November 7

Another Template in Progress:

Go here to see it:
The Test Blog

Or I could just look up how to take a screen shot, and show you that way.. ok, hold on.


It's impossible for me to learn how to take a simple screen shot. My problems are with the directions to 1. hit Print Screen and then 2. paste into a word document.

What the hell do you do with the window that pops up asking which printer to print it to? Ignore it? Hope it doesn't affect anything? Even when I think it's bound to work this time (have found word document, etc.) it doesn't work. There's apparently nothing to paste?

Ok, fed up now. Calling friend and technical genius now. Wish me luck.


Ok, talked to the almighty (and extra nice) Robert, and although I'm still retarded and incapable of figuring out how to make a screenshot, he was kind enough to send me a few versions of what it looks like from his end of the spectrum.


Oh, fuck it. I can't get the blasted things into a format that I can post here, so just go to freaking The Test Blog already. Sheesh. One would think that someone capable of making fabulous templates for the entire world would be able to do something this simple.

One would think wrong.

PS: She likes it, she really really likes it!

PPS: Next on the list, Robert!


LostNotFound1980 said...

LOL!! It looks really nice :-) You do good work!!! Jess will be in awe of your amazing handy work!!

susan said...

I'm digging the typewriter pic you've got at the top for your banner. But then, I also like the waterfall one you have at the top of this blog. You are quite the talented photographeress!

Jess said...

Damn straight she's in awe. It totally rocks! I cannot wait until my blog is de-fugified and totally groovy! Oh hooray! Sunny is MY DAMN FAVORITE.

Robert said...

I can't wait for a new blog! Let me know how it goes!