Monday, November 21

I (Heart) Old Ladies

Today at work, an older lady came up to the window and asked us for something to treat the symptoms of what she suspected was a bladder infection. I directed her to a pharmacist, who directed her to AZO Standard. (By the way, if you ever need something to ease the symptoms of a bladder infection, this is the product people tend to reccommend. If you happen to go to the doctor, make sure you mention to him/her that you are taking it. Also? It will turn your pee funny colors. Fair warning.) I took her to the place in the aisles where it's kept, and she told me a story.

When she (we'll call her Bea) was at the doctor's office a few days ago with a friend (we'll call her Ceecee), she was waiting (in the waiting room, go figure) and there were two women sitting in there with them. One of the women was elderly, and filling out forms.

She leaned in towards the other woman, and asked her loudly, "How you you spell DIARRHEA?"

[No answer from Lady #2]


[No answer]

Etc, etc, etc.

Eventually, Ceecee leaned over to Bea and asked in a stage whisper, "Why doesn't she just give up and write, 'SHIT'?"


lisahhhh said...

Funny story. I would have called them Maybel and Gert, though.

Brown said...

hahahahahahaha. I so needed that. mwah.

LostNotFound1980 said...