Thursday, November 24

Family, V1.2

Happy Thanksgiving, people. I hope you are all out there having a great time, even if you don't have a box of wine to keep you company1.

My best friend (that's the only time I'm going to call her that, because god knows I feel like a 2nd grader when I keep announcing it all the time) is spending the day with her family, and I sort of wish I was there. But they won't have boxed wine, so it's just as well that I can't visit. I'd have to bring one.

My family is having Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house. I suppose I should say "had", because in full family tradition, they ate at aproximately noon. The better to fall asleep in front of football, that's our motto. I wonder what Mom3 made. I wonder what my stupid aunt made. Around about the year I drank the box of wine for the first time (not a typo, I pretty much finished it off by myself), I started innocently asking my little cousins which dish she had made. Then I'd "accidentally" avoid it. Seriously, she screwed up green bean casserole once. Not pretty.

Linuses4 ate in high fashion today, sampling turkey and oysters and gravy. He's sleeping it off on the couch as I type. He's wishing it could be Thanksgiving every day.

Speaking of which, Bruce5 cooked us a mighty-fine meal.

1Thank you to Michelle, for introducing me to boxed wine a few years ago on Thanksgiving.

2My Friend and the new blog she's (finally) using. Had to throw that in!

3My lovely Mom, because even peeling potatoes in the middle of the night like a lunatic makes me love her more.

4Augie, Kitty, and the pet I've still got many years with, Linus. Oh, and also Linus.

5Of course I'm most thankful for my wonderful husband, and the chance to spend this and many future holidays with him.


lisahhhh said...

We DID have boxed wine, actually...delicious red, and beer, too. My dad showed up, and even though LeeAnn and Derrick don't drink, they want all of us to feel like we can. Maybe it's the old comfortable feelings of the drunken adults at campfires from the days of yore. Hey, I just thought of something that would be funny/embarassing. You said your best friend wouldn't have boxed wine over there, and here I'm telling you that I did. What if you weren't talking about me?!?!?

LostNotFound1980 said...

Very good. I am glad you had a nice Turkey Day!


NowhereGirl said...

gooble gobble...

lisahhhh said...

Oh, and one other thing. I know what you mean about the screwed up green bean casserole. It almost happened to us. I was going to make one this year, and while we were shopping, LeeAnn told me not to bother buying any green beans because she had plenty at home. Suddenly, remembering your story, I asked her if they were frozen green beans. Indeed they were. Glad I asked. Could have been a disaster.