Tuesday, November 22

Christmas Knitting Math Hell:

I can't say too much here either, because I live in fear that B will know what he's getting for Christmas (God help us all, I hope I get it done before then), but here's the basic scoop.

According to a pattern I found, I will be needing:

7 (125 yd skeins -4oz) of bulky weight yarn
1 (125 yd skein -4oz) of bulky weight yarn (in contrasting color)

My question is this: I ordered the yarn I bought from this online store (click on "Red Heart Shetland Chunky"). I assumed (first assumption here) that Chunky would equal Bulky. This seems to be an ok assumption to make. The stitches per inch seem to be working for me. I also noticed that the Red Heart Shetland Chunky comes in 50 gram (1 3/4 oz) skeins and not the 4oz skeins the pattern calls for. There is also the small problem of figuring out how many yards I need according to the pattern, and buying as many skeins as I need. The pattern calls for 7 (125 yard) skeins. The Red Heart Shetland Chunky comes in 80 yard skeins. (Or so they claim. I'm not above blaming a website if this doesn't turn out the way it should.)

So I assumed again, and I compensated, or so I thought, and bought myself 12 skeins of black Red Heart Shetland Chunky. When I figure it on the calculator, I do it this way:

125(yd) x 7(sk) = 875(yd)

875(yd) / 80(yd) = 10.9375(sk)

Are you with me so far? Please tell me this is right. Lets assume it is, and go on with our problem. I bought 12 skeins of the Red Heart Shetland Chunky for this pattern, and I would like someone else to verify my math and tell me this is reasonable. I'm only done with a couple inches of ribbing on one side of the sweater and it looks like I'm nearing the end of the first skein already. I'm having palpatations thinking I might have to try to find the same dye-lot of black Red Heart Shetland Chunky (which is not, apparently, a popular yarn here in the US).

If I do need to find another yarn to use, Patons has a Shetland Chunky in black, but if it's a different brand, it's definitely going to be a different dye-lot. Before you tell me that it can't be that different, go to your closet and pick two random black items of clothing, hold them up next to each other, and admit that one of them looks more brown, the other one looks more blue, and Secret Santa Sunny is always right. Just kidding on that last one. Mostly. ;)

In other words, please put my mind at ease and check my math for me. Please.

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