Wednesday, November 30

All Wrapped Up

Today I'm working in the section of the store which is devoted entirely to whichever season happens to be upon us. I worked there during the gardening season, and I worked there yesterday, as well. It really puts an imaginary bug in my ear about how I should be handling the seasons as they come. Apparently, this bug thinks I should be putting lights on our balchony and buying a holiday tree. Last spring, the bug was more interested in the lack of herb gardens in our house. "For shame," this bug pounds on my eardrums, "Your complete lack of seasonal items is a crime against nature!"

I'm less than fond of this bug. It makes me do crazy things.

I can say, though, that today I will be better armed. I'm going in today with a full artillary of, "Just think of how much yarn that's worth!" and "Why the hell would I want to move a damned tree anyway?" The bug may win the battle of the holiday cards, but this war is far from over.

One thing about the seasonal section is very disturbing to me - Merry Christmas magnets. I read about the War on Christmas just a few days ago, and otherwise this might not have made me quite so pissed. This isn't the magnet we're selling in our store - the one big difference is that OUR magnets say something ridiculous like, "Support the Cause with a Christmas magnet!" Gaaaaahhhhh!!! We hates them!

In other news, I've always been the type who loves to wrap presents. I know, I know, this puts me in the smallest percentile of holiday people, but I can't help it. I love finding the perfect beautiful/whimsical paper, lining the boxes with tissue paper that matches just so, and putting the ribbons and bows on the top. I like to make them miniature works of art. I'm not sure if I feel that by making the packaging more appealing, the recipiant will be more pleased over-all with the gift, or if I just like wasting time on things that are going to be ripped to shreds. (The second one makes sense when I think of how much I enjoy knitting, even though I rip it out more than I stitch.) And you'd better be a ripper. I am not a fan of the "saving" of holiday paper. What good is putting all that time into making something beautiful if I can't pretend it was no effort whatsoever when you tear it to pieces? It's the best part - watching someone so frantic to see the perfect gift you've given them, they just can't contain themselves.

I love buying things for other people. I get so into the whole process of finding that perfect gift that it's hard for me to focus on the big picture. I'll be so intent on finding the one thing for Lisa that I'll forget about everyone else on my list. Even though I've already made my dad slippers (exactly what he wants and needs), I'm still finding shoes that I know he'd kill for. It's a little frustrating. I love finding that one absolutely perfect thing so much.. it's hard for me to accept that I have something already in stock (yeah, I've bought/made random things this year to gift to folks) that a person would love.

I've already got a sweatshirt for my Grandma that she's going to wear the death out of, but still I've got some stress in my mind over what to make her. Stop, Sunny! You've already got a present for her!

Mom's gift is wonderful - I just know she's going to adore it, and yet I'm looking at it and thinking, "Gee, that's a little bit on the small side. I should really get her something to fill out her gift." WTF? You don't need to, Sunny! That thing is the one thing she would never think to get for herself, and even if she did, she'd never be able to find it. Best of all, it's one-of-a-kind. You don't need to push the envelope.

I guess I'm just in that love/hate place with the holidays right now. I always want to do so much for everyone that it seems like I'm never doing enough. But I am going to get some wrapping paper tomorrow. And some boxes. And maybe some ribbon. Maybe a few strings of lights. But that's it! I can stop any time I want!


Jess said...

I get sucked into every season. So if you can stop anytime you want, more power to you.

I found the best wrapping set at TARGET. It has four rolls of coordinated, beautiful wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, and bows all for $10. It was my bargain find of the day. And at TARGET of all places!

NowhereGirl said...

I LOVE buying presents... I HATE wrapping them. Ha ha

Want a holiday job???? ;-)

sunny said...

Jess: I may or may not have been lying about that. Sources are unsure.

And I LOVE Target. They're just so.. I don't know.. clean? And well-organized? And bright and shiney? Something like that. There's something about them that makes me crave them. Those Target people, they really know how to make shit look good.

I'm a sucker for that really-good marketing stuff. I'm the target audience, and I'm under their control.

Urrgh, ooolmph, must buy things in shiney store...

(That was my zombie impression.)

NG: I'd love that! Wouldn't it be sweet if I paid for Bruce's presents by wrapping other people's stuff? That would be awesome. NG, you have yourself a deal!

robbodobbo said...

let me tell you why you'll love max.
1) he just got a ferret.
2) the ferret has brain damage
3) he has a cat
4) the cat has heart problems
5) he loves the animals more than himself
6) he has the biggest heart for animals
7) he makes gifts, doesn't buy them
8) he whinces when the ferret runs into things
9) he talks to the cat until it responds
10) he hates caging the ferret because he is afraid the ferret will break her teeth chewing on the bars.
11) he makes a deal with the ferret that he will let her out for ten minutes IF she calms down

i'm concerned that i'm dating my sister in a latino man form.

you like wrapping presents, and it's for a very deep philosophical reason, i'll explain it some day.