Monday, November 28


Does anyone else out there make a point of trying to figure out exactly why they're feeling shitty at any particular moment? I sure do. I've spent tens of hours in my life trying to decide what exactly it was that set off my migraine - you know, they say that diet can sometimes induce one - just to figure out that I hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary in the past.. oh, say week. Because I like to be thorough.

Tonight, I'm feeling really headachy. It came on pretty suddenly, either after or during my evening meal. I've spent some time analyzing it, and it probably has something to do with the turkey/stuffing sandwich. On toast. Beyond not being exactly the culinary masterpiece I thought it would be, I think it gave me a headache. The toast got soggy, the stuffing had oysters (like the stuffing from Thanksgiving), and the turkey had some dubious globules. I think all in all it was a bad plan.

No more oyster sandwiches for this lass, I'll tell you that much.

Of course, it might be that Bruce's headache from last night was somehow contageous.

Of course, my stomach ache is most definitely blamed upon the stuffing sandwich (*heave*), but the question is: Is the stomach ache (am I the only one who wants to combine that into "stomache" whenever I type it?) somehow connected to the headache? Do you think it's food poisoning? Do you get headaches with food poisoning? Should I just throw up and get it over with?

Am I the only person who used "throw-up" as a noun when I was little?


lisahhhh said...

As in, "You have throw-up on your shoe." No, I used it as a noun, too. I had a migraine this morning. It was so bad that I was sick to my stomach and almost in tears...not to mention out of excedrin. So my wonderful, wonderful Todd got up, went to Wal-Mart, and got me some excedrin migraine. When he got home he gave me a backrub, too. Then the headache went away. I think it's threatening to come back, though. So I better be careful.

Jess said...

I haven't ever really had food poisoning (knock on wood because I really don't want food poisoning), but I think a headache might be part of it. Don't throw up just to throw up, though.

And, no, you aren't the only person out there who wants to misspell stomach ache or uses throw-up as a noun. Sometimes, I still use it as a noun.