Tuesday, November 22

Several Things

First, a confession:

The Saturday before Bruce got back from Colorado, I drank a few beers got majorly wasted on Miller Lite and talked to Lisa on the phone. On my way out to smoke, I turned the oven on - I was planning on baking heating up some Walmart bread - and promptly forgot about it and passed out when I got back inside. Sunday morning I walked through the kitchen, noticed it was a little "warm", and turned off the oven. Bruce would probably not have been very happy to come home to a burned-down apartment. (He might have been a little disappointed at the burnt-up wife, too.)

Second, a concern:

We're going to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner here at Casa Us. We went to Walmart and bought all the stuff for green bean casserole, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. I think I'm going to be excluded from the preparations, except for the beans. Those I'm pretty confident about.

Third, an update:

My hair no longer looks like this -

- I've finally taken care of the root disaster.

Fourthly, some exciting news:

Someone close to me has found a boyfriend, and I couldn't be happier. My exact words to them were, "Do you know how much I love you? If it could be measured, it would be measured in incriments of how incredibly happy i am for you at this moment. But that, fortunately, is too much to be measured. Because measuring it would degrade it and I love you too much for that." If you would like to read for yourself, you can email me at SunnyFreakingDayATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you their new URL. Please request this, I want everyone to know my (and their) happiness.

Finally, a realization:

Linus has not been eating the tall box in the corner for pure pleasure. Today I realized that he's determined to eat his way into the box, and he thinks he will finally be fulfilled if he can just sleep in the tallest box he's ever seen. The insane little devil can be so cute sometimes, it hurts.


Jess said...

Bless your heart for still taking care of the roots. I finally said "to hell with it" and suffered (mildly) through the growth period. I'm now a full-on brunette again. And while I longingly look at the hair dye whilst at Wal-Mart, I am able to curb my urges due to that very (mildly) painful growing out process.

And I am most definitely glad that you didn't burn you (or your apartment) up.

lisahhhh said...

Hey!! I didn't know you were wasted while you were talking to me! Thanks for not killing yourself. Appreciation, appreciation.
Good job taking care of that hair! You were starting to look like an unmade bed. Just kidding. Maybe I'll ask someone for hair dye for Christmas. You've inspired me.

sunny said...

Jess: Dude, the last time I dyed my hair was in.. hmm.. July? How terrible is that? But I'd rather keep dying it than ever let it grow out, so I guess I'd better get used to fixing it on a (semi)regular basis.

Lisahhhh: Given the topic of conversation, I didn't think it would be entirely appropriate to tell you I was completely wasted. You know, because we were discussing drinking problems and the like. But I'm pretty shocked you couldn't tell.

Didn't you know? I usually look like an unmade bed.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Good for the roots! I am in the horrible growing out process of my hair. My roots are my natural colour and the rest of my head is an odd shade of redbrown. I am just letting it grow out.

I am glad you did not burn down your house. I am even happier that you did not get burned. That would have been bad. Very bad.

I had a cat who ate part of a wall. She was whacked out. Her name was Lucy. Maybe it is a Lucy Linus thing to eat odd stuff....

Expect an email I am nosey.