Tuesday, November 22

Secret Sunn-ta

Holy shit, that was punny. Make it stop, make it stop!

Last night, I finished another one of my Christmas gifts. I can't believe how early I'm starting, but there you go. I've got over a month to make 100 more things. This should be easy! Ha! Haha! I'm terrible with timing. Somehow I've convinced myself that I finished two objects in two days, and that equals everyone on my list having handmade knitted items on time. Because if I'm making an object/day, I'll get in at least 30 more things before Christmas Eve.

Um, Sunny? [knock knocks on head] Hello? Sunny? Just because you finished two things in two days, doesn't mean you hadn't spent at least a week on both before the finishing part.


I also need to think about christmas cards.

Double fuck.


Jess said...

That is why I am opposed to crafts as Christmas presents. I can't really stay on schedule. And, in the end, I disappoint myself.

But baking...I can bake like a mad woman for Christmas. And I still might.

Tessa said...

I feel both your pains. So much to do, so little time. Weeks tend to shrink into hours and before you know it it's time to take decorations down.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Wow! You are ready for the season. I am not even thinking about shopping until about a week before. Usually I shop the weekend before. Maybe this year I will just skip it.


Good luck to you.