Sunday, November 20

The Lady has a Point

It has been sub-par here at the casa. Not sure if I burnt myself out with all the redecorating and the creation (and subsequent redecoration of) new pages related to the site, or if it's just a matter of talking myself out of talking to myself. I do know that I've been crafting it up today, and yesterday was mostly devoted to an ill-fated attempt to see Harry Potter - Feeding the Addiction. I might tell you all about that tomorrow morning when I post. Or I might just get around to telling you about the scariest Halloween costume in all the land! I'm definitely not going to tell you about the forces that be attempting to ruin my driving adventure last month. That story has to wait until I have more pictures money to develop my pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I think I'll just bypass the whole typing thing tonight (my May-or-May-Not RA doesn't take kindly to crocheting a whole freaking pair of slippers in a matter of hours. No it does not) is not sitting well with me right now. My hands are aching pretty badly, so here for your enjoyment is Sunday CatBlogging (brought to you by our fine sponsers over at Susan:

"Please, Mama. Geef me zee sleeper. Please. I needs zee sleeper. You could not understand. I loves zee sleeper. Please."

"Now leef us be. We are making weeth zee loves. Leef us."

"Zee Woman, she is not with the leefing us. But in my heart, eet is only you I see. I weel make sweet, sweet weeth zee loves on you. Do not mind zee keeking, zees ees how we shows our sweet loves for you."

"Zees ees what you get for zee watching, Mama. How you like it I watching you and zee man weeth zee makings of zee loves? You no likey that. I bite you."


Jess said...

He's so big. I haven't seen big pictures of the zee kitty before.

susan said...

Ha! Most excellent catblogging. :)