Thursday, November 10

I Think We've Had Enough Waterfall for a While

I'll bring that one back sometime, I promise.. but it was rather gloomy. In my opinion.

I can't believe how much time I'm spending on changing my blog.

I can't believe how much time I've spent in the past week in front of the computer.

I believe I've figured out why I can't seem to drag my ass to bed while Bruce is away: I always look forward to bedtime as the time for snuggling and talking myself down from my day with a big, hairy, warm, sometimes sweaty pillow.

Come back, hairy sweaty pillow! I need you.


robbodobbo said...

liking the new look! make sure to give bruce three hugs for me. oh and uh.... i love you too. hahahhaa

Anonymous said...

i know what you are talking about. i have the hardest time going to sleep when andy is not in bed with me. we talk to most right before we go to sleep. i hate when he goes on business trips, because of my hate for being in bed at night alone. dont worry he will be back soon. oh and do me a favor and tell that friend of mine that if i dont hear from him soon im going to kick his butt!LOL. take care!
amanda (porter) benz

LostNotFound1980 said...

Very sweet, cute, and gross. ;-)

Your blog is looking great :-D