Tuesday, November 8

Left to Her Own Devices

One unfortunate side effect of having the King Size bed all to myself (I don't include the cat) has been learning a few things about ME that I'd forgotten in recent months. They all seem to start with the phrase "If left to her own devices, she will most likely..."

1. Eat pizza every day. When she is sick of pizza, she will eat soup. When the pizza tastes good, regardless of whether she is hungry, she will eat more. (Soup tends to come in smaller portions.)

2. Sleep on her stomach with her hands flailed all over the place, getting cricks in her neck.

3. Sit at the computer for days and days (and days) on end. She will start to be irritated with the rest of the world for not having interesting things to say every five minutes.

4. Bring in the mail and leave it stacked on the coffee table.

5. Stack the Diet Coke cans next to the sink.

6. Stack all of the garbage next to the sink.

7. Look at strange porn.

There are more, but this is getting embarassing.


LostNotFound1980 said...

1. Mmmm pizza
2. Wish I could sleep on my stomach again. Damn acid reflux
3. I have been doing that a lot lately.
4. Mail, oh, you mean bills.
5. Eww
6. Eww, my parents keep doing this.
7. Thinking about doing porn. not strange.

I am glad to know others are out there striving to do the things I do . HEHEHEHE.

susan said...

I usually end up sleeping diagonally in the bed when the boy's away. Diagonally and sprawled.

Tessa said...

Hee hee!
Totally identify with #3.