Monday, November 21

The End Never Tasted So Good

Remember when I mentioned that Somebody Special might be leaving soon?

Turns out it was sooner than we all expected. She hurt her back, and is unable to make it in for her last few days of work. If it was me (or my very responsible husband) there would be no getting around the obvious nature of that particular excuse. As it's Someone Special, however, and she offered to come in virtually until she collapsed and was PARALYZED, we can assume it's for reals, yo.

Tomorrow, we're having a banquet. To Celebrate the New Guy! (And the Fact that She's Gone!) but we don't say that part! The older lady I'm working with is making a cake. And some other things. And cheeseballs for everyone! That's how happy she is! And I'm going to join in, if it means more cheeseballs. God knows I loves me a cheeseball.

My back has been giving me the sort of pain that makes me want to.. do something drastic. God help us all until we get health insurance.

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Jess said...

Yay! I'm glad that Someone Special will not be giving you any more trouble. Hooray! Hooray!