Thursday, November 17

Goondight: Or, Why I Love Brown*

bmb: please oh please god tell me you're really there, and just invoking the stealth settings clause
bmb: because, life in yahoo is about to make me talk to tom cruise about alternate therapies for depression
sfd: ohhhhh
sfd: i'm here
bmb: hahahahaha
bmb: suhweeeeeet
bmb: oh, you are my angel
bmb: how's bugsy?
sfd: he's good


sfd: oh, do you read finslippy?
bmb: gosh, no, who's that?
(note how she assumes that "finslippy" is a person)
sfd: lol
sfd: let me find it
bmb: suhweet
bmb: yes
sfd: she's probably my favorite
bmb: heh. looks good so far
bmb: omg the internet is a fucking DREAMWORLD
sfd: this one's my favorite
sfd: totally read it
bmb: so many crazy witty people, so little time
sfd: i know, it's fucking fantastic, isn't it?
bmb (11/17/2005 11:22:10 PM): lol@ their dying wish
sfd (11/17/2005 11:22:38 PM): OH GOD WHERE WAS ITS HEAD
bmb (11/17/2005 11:22:47 PM): LMAO
bmb (11/17/2005 11:22:50 PM): hahahahaha
sfd (11/17/2005 11:23:11 PM): you risk it landing somewhere on your person, and that as we all know leads to death, because there’s no reason to live once that happens.
bmb (11/17/2005 11:23:16 PM): " there's no reason to live once that happens
bmb: hahahhaha
bmb: ^5
sfd: ^5
sfd: we rock
bmb : holy crap i'm peeing my pants


bmb (11/17/2005 11:24:49 PM): " make a wish foundation"
sfd (11/17/2005 11:25:00 PM): when a waterbug has emerged for its Make a Wish Foundation moment
sfd: GOD we rock
bmb: hahahahaha
sfd: i just told bugs we have to come up by you for our next vacation
bmb: see, it's scarey. we share a brain
sfd: we can sit around and read blogs aloud to one another
sfd: it'll be so romantic
bmb: Trying!to find! an exit!
sfd: lmao!
bmb (11:26:21): HAHAHAHAHAHA
bmb: oh dear jesus. thank you. my sweet. for saving my night. that was THE BEST
bmb: lmao
bmb: "there will always be another"
sfd: lmao
bmb: yes, that will be our drill. we'll read blogs to one another
sfd: i can't wait
bmb: okay, i'll find something lovely for you, for next whenst we meet
bmb: heh
sfd: that sounds perfect
bmb: thanks for talking, even though you're tired and shit
bmb: i'm gonna go kick boys' ass and get him to bed
sfd: alright dude
bmb: you go kiss mr sunny and all that
sfd: i'll have more chances to talk to you
bmb: heh
sfd: now that i've got my sticky old computer set up
bmb: so fucking sweet, the stickiness of it all


bmb: talk to you soon
sfd: goondight

Note the timing on some of those references. Uncanny, isn't it? At least I share a brain with someone fantastic. If you haven't already, you should read her blog.

*Edited for content and to run in time allotted**, but not for language. Never for fucking language. It'd take too fucking long.

**Time allotted is the time most people would spend reading my ridiculous instant messages before digging their eyes out with their own toenails. Give or take a few minutes. No one's perfect.


Tessa said...

Yo yo! Yer new layout is oh so nice on the eyes!

lisahhhh said...

Hey!! I'm disappointed in you. You haven't been updating as frequently as you were, and I've been looking forward to all your new "material!!"

sunny said...

That's like the pot calling the kettle black, woman. Hahaha!