Friday, January 6

Action Cat!

Since we all know you guys can't get enough of my cat, I thought I'd share a little video taken this morning. You used to think I was imagining things when I called him crazy, but now you can see the proof for yourselves: [Note: There is sound, but it's not very loud. And it's not completely necessary, unless you want to hear my sexy breathy laughter.]

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Please enjoy the way Linuses routinely scare themselves. Also the way that the owners of Linuses try to contain their laughter, but just plain can't because their cat is so freaking hillarious. I hope you liked it!


Lisa said...

That's awesome. I miss Cowpoke.

susan said...

Now that there is some high quality catblogging. So very amusing; thanks for sharing!

Biglug said...

cats scaring themselves is funny. Silly kitty.

Miss Wired said...

Post some more!! That was funny!