Tuesday, January 10

Making Sweet, Sweet Love

Since my last video of Linus was quite the hit, if I do say so myself, here's another one. Enjoy.

[The sound in this one is more than in the last - that is to say, I'm mumbling more than I was in that one, and talking for the cat. Don't be alarmed, talking for the cat is something we just do in this house. It's a very cheap form of entertainment, ok? Ok. Don't turn the sound on, if you're at work. It's nearly as amusing without audio enhancement.]

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Take note, if you will, of the fact that Linuses really really want to make sweet, sweet love to yarn. Also, notice how I torment him at the very end. And the amusing confusion it brings about in him.

PS: Bruce is playing A Perfect Circle tonight, and I love it. Very much.


Jess said...

Even though I am at work, I totally turned the sound on. And I cracked up!

With Linus in your house, it's no wonder that there's always cheap entertainment.

HappyFunBall said...

Odd, she can always find time and money for more yarn, but so far hasn't found a bookmark ...

B said...

He really is one spastic cat. I thought we raised him better ;)