Monday, January 23

Guess What I Did This Weekend?

Freaking Everything. Seriously.

Friday night, we were supposed to drive to St. Louis to spend the weekend, but Bruce and I both ended up getting off of work late - he didn't get home until almost seven - and we weren't feeling it at all. Not something we wanted to do just then. I was feeling like I'd rather get wasted and embarass myself by talking over everyone in a three-mile radius, while totally misunderstanding conversations I'd started myself, and generally being a pain in the ass of drunks everywhere. Bruce didn't have anything better to do, so he tagged along.

I've got photographical evidence:

That first shot was a "Hey, let's just get a picture!" "OK!" sort of shot, which doesn't work well for me, as you can see. The second one was a "Hey, let's just take a picture! And make sure I'm holding multitude of chins, so I'm not looking all fat all the time!" So that's the result. If I hadn't shown you the before, everyone would think I was a little more put-together. But I'm not, so why lie? Plus, this is funnier. Other people were also there:

I have some videos to share with you, but I don't have time before work, unfortunately. You might have to wait until tomorrow to see those. In the meantime, though, I have some more pictures:

Of a Coke can and Bruce's dad playing guitar. Guess which one is which? Anyway, I have to stop. I'm only to aproximately 5:00PM (central standard time) on Saturday. I still haven't gotten to Abbie, and damn, we took some pictures with Abbie. Tune in for them, I swear you won't be disappointed. Even if you're looking for my gut. It makes an appearance, Oh Yes. And knitting! I have a picture of knitting, too! Don't go away!

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Jess said...

With such wonderful pictures, how can I possibly tear myself away?

It looks like it was a productive and fun weekend, regardless of whether or not you made it to St. Louis. And guess what? I've started shopping for a good digital camera. Woohoo! I'll soon be able to take pictures of my friends and my (soon to be started) knitting projects.