Tuesday, January 31

Word Cloud

Here's something cool I found over at Lolly's blog:

You can make your own Word Cloud at this website. When you're done entering in your website URL, it will look over your site and give you your cloud. Then you can right click the picture of your cloud, and save it and show the rest of us. There's a place to enter your email address, and I did, but I'm not entirely sure what it does from there. I would probably not recommend going any further than copying the picture, because I might end up having to buy a pretty pricey shirt from them for giving them my email. I just loved seeing the words that I use the most when I'm talking to you folks. I thought you might enjoy it, too. Show me yours!

1 comment:

tHe mAd ShoE ShOPper said...

I did mine at snapshirts too. Its really nice of them to let us do word clouds without obligations.