Wednesday, January 18

Dear The Husband,

I can't seem to find you. I tried calling that one *new* number, and it says it was disconnected. Have you run away? Are you hiding? Do you remember that you have to work in the morning? Didn't you say you'd be home early? Early is as early does, Mr., and you're not catching any worms.

I highly doubt you'll be reading my blog before you come home. Either you're at a friend's house, possibly drunk, or you've run away from home. I hope it's not the latter, because no way is twelve hours a week (Or even seventeen. Did I tell you guys? They're totally giving me five more sweet hours per week as of Februrary. I always doubt the quantity of R's in that month. I should just spell it Frerbrurary and get it over with.)... Anyway, there's no way in hell that seventeen (sweet) hours a week will pay for our rent.

Good thing you took the car, that would totally be reposessed had you left it with me when you ran away.

Anyway. I hope you come home soon, or, alternatively, live a full and happy life. Full enough for alimony, that is.

The Wife

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B said...

For the record, I'm alive and well. :) I fell asleep at cam's - you know how I fall asleep suddenly and without warning - and next thing I knew, it was 7AM. Whoa. Sorry button!

Tonight I'm not going anywhere. We'll have chicken. Watch TV. It'll be fun.

...we did make some good music at Cam's last night though. :)