Sunday, January 29

Fancy Music!

The first two go together, you sign up for and then use that info on - free storage of audio, video, and pictures. Basically anything you want. And then, and then, and then! This is the exciting part! You can post them to your blog! FREE! Without having to make up fakie email addresses which you can forget easily! If you're me!

So, doo doo doo, fancy music! It's so fun! Use it! Love it! Let me see your happy lovely faces! And also that third link! That's a scary dog, whom I love!

And PS: Did you see the fancy new things in my sidebar? And you Firefox people who have been the bane of my sad-ass-templating attempts, have you noticed the colors? The Glorious Colors? You have not mentioned them, and this vexes me greatly. Please tell me that I am fabulous. Thank you.


LostNotFound1980 said...

Have you been freaking reading my mind?

I have been trying to figure out how to put music on my blog and I couldn't. Xanga has a way of doing it easily but on blogger I couldn't figure it out. Then I did some research and found out I have to host the file somewhere online. Then I got confused and gave up.

So is this the way I would go about doing it?

sunny said...

Yeah... there's a site that shows you how to post videos to your blog. Let me find it...

Yeah, that's it. So if you go there, and read their directions for posting a video to your blog, you can use that to post music as well. At least I'm pretty sure.

Sunny said...

I am going to have to try the site that you just posted. I went to the other sites and signed up but still couldn't figure out how to put my music up. crazy. I will have to play around another day.