Wednesday, January 25

More Pictures! One of Knitting!

We also took some pictures of other goofy things. And also some pretty things.

Those are the two places we ate at in St. Louis. The first one was mexican, and the second one was called something that I believe rhymes with Fritos. Please, anyone with a memory more powerful than a cheese grater let me know what the names were. They were fantastic, in any case. I highly recommend the mexican place (make sure you ask for no onions) and also Fritos. Get the lasagna. I almost died.

That's a picture of a water glass, and a picture of me trying out a wife-beater as a dress. I think it's longer than any skirt I own. Yeah, that's insane. Like my belly? I'm broadcasting this now, so you guys know - when you take a picture of me, please give me a "Gut Check" before the camera actually snaps. Thanks.

On Sunday, we visited with Mom and Ron and Grandmother. There was an incident with the wedding video, but not to worry, we'll work it out. If nothing else, we'll take around the VCR it's stuck in to show people! Kidding, we've got an alternate plan. I promise.

Bruce nagged and nagged me to talk about my knitting, but I'm really bad at talking about something that I think I have to talk about. Plus, usually he acts like I'm twisting the knife a little more when I start on the knitting part of the conversation, so I didn't like this prodding. Turns out, though, that Grandmother used to knit a LOT. One of her first projects is an afghan at B's Mom's house. Jean also dug out a sweater that Grandmother had knit for Bruce when he was tiny, check it out:


Abbs said...

Charlie Gitto's... or as you have now dubbed it... Charlie Fritos!!

Mexican place is Pueblo Solis.

MMMMmmmm a weekend of lovely friends and delicious foods... or is it delicious friends and lovely food?


Jess said...

I think B should start wearing the sweater again. Because, damn, that's a fine looking Mickey Mouse.

B said...

I offered to try it on, but for some reason, they didn't think it would fit...