Sunday, January 29

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

Fridays, however, are more in line with proving your status as a non-homophobe while meeting new hairdressers and getting pretty darned drunk at the same time.

On Friday, I went out with some friends (and some friends of friends) and had a smashing time. I even found a [Danger.]! And I didn't even have an old one!

This is [Danger, cannot complete transmission. Danger]. Someday soon, he will be [Danger.]. Or as close to that as I can reasonably assume to achieve with little-to-no [Danger.]. Hurray for [Danger.]!

There were many people there. One of them was Doug, who was very upset that Bruce didn't come out.

That is, until he started harrassing the gentleman who was harrassing me.

Which I must say was very gallant of him. Actually, though, I believe he was trying to prove that he was not afraid of men. I don't believe anyone thought he was, but it was amusing to watch him try to prove it, in any case. Especially since the provee was a little less enthusiastic about it.

Terri was much more receptive to his affections. Bless her little heart.

Doug was very gentlemanly to me all night. I mean to say, he wasn't the one trying to grope my thigh all night. He knows the awful wrath of Bruce. And by the awful wrath of Bruce, I of course am referring to my own temper. They are one and the same. The other guy would be smart to take note of that.

I also have a short video of Molly. She was a dear, as always. The canoes are forgiven, Molly, but we are not going "floating" again. Rule #1 in our marriage: No Canoes.

[Click on the picture of Molly for the 24 second video of her. It's very dark, and very drunk, and pretty durn funny. Please, for the love of Pete, if you are at work, turn down your volume to a minimum before viewing. (I know better than to ask for you to wait until you get home, because Poor, Poor Jess is without connection at home. PS: Where are you, Jess?!?)]

Molly and the Punkins

Now, for those of you who are interested, I've also updated my 100 Things About Sunny site. I'm nearing the #80 milestone. That means you'll know more about me than ever before!


Jess said...

Unfortunately, I can't watch Molly do her drunken schtick. Every time I try to open the video my Internet Explorer says "BAH!" and shuts down. Never fear, I will watch it somehow.

I'm alive. Promise. I'll send love and emails and maybe even post today. It's been rough at the old office, and I've scarcely got a minute to update.

B said...

That is one frightening video - between the groping and the martinis, I'm amazed you made it back home in one piece.