Wednesday, January 11

Quick! Get Thee to Ebay!

I remember old people being really pissed the first time this happened. Best get your things bought while you still can! Before it costs you more than the item you're sending!

And what's with this damned "miscellanious account"? I suspect they're making money for building a people-growing plant so all the rich fuckers in the world can grow a clone of themselves and then when something goes wrong, they can kill the clone and have a replacement part put in. What? You think the government doesn't get ideas from movies? Then explain this!

Things to do today:

  • Knit. (I can probably mark this one off already.)

  • Find out if Jessica wants to sleep over on Saturday (if she decides not to go dancing) or Sunday (if she decides to.. go dancing), cause we've got an awesome couch and stuff to do and then she won't have to drive so much in one day. Linus asked if we were having a sleepover party, and I don't want to disappoint him. He said if she says yes, we can totally do each others' hair. Awesome. (Done. Wow, this list thing is easy!)

  • Clean another room. Although it's awesome that I cleaned the bedroom, I don't think it will impress Jessica. It's not as though we're having that kind of visit.

  • Watch Project Runway.

  • Fuck around with my template. I want it to work in firefox, too, and it just isn't happening. I bet I can fix it, though.
Phew, busy day ahead of me.


SJ said...

Firefox is a total bitch about 'rules' isn't it? Why can't it just let things slide like IE, huh? HUH?

And I'm a Project Runway Ho now, thanks to you. Blame you fully. (I love, love, love it)

sunny said...

I hate rules. I might as well wear a leather jacket and comb my hair into a ducks ass or whatever they call it. And ride a Harley.

Seriously, if someone could explain to me why my freaking code isn't good enough for firefox, I'd appreciate it. Anybody? Anybody?

SJ: I'm so glad you're a Ho. Isn't it fabulous?

Jess said...

Jessica will be visiting on Sunday and she will spend the night and go back to KC on Monday.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to call you last night--late, late, late program with the students.

Tonight is looking slightly better. I'll try to wiggle in some time to call. But I promise. I'm coming to visit and do Linus's hair.

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robbodobbo said...

is it wrong that i'm bored in dublin? i'm kind of jealous you have a 'busy' day...