Thursday, January 19

Found Him

Or rather, he found his way home again. After seven this morning. Fell asleep at Cam's. Must remind Cam to please try to call when B falls asleep. Must get his new phone number, this one has been disconnected. Felt very disconnected this morning, when I woke up and he still wasn't here. Fell asleep knowing he'd be showing up sometime in the night, then had a dream that he came home and woke up at seven to the alarm to no one in the house but me. Linus doesn't count, because he bit me instead of making me feel better. So glad to have him home. Sorry for being a pussy, Bruce. Really, I knew where you were.

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makojeep95 said...

LOL - sorry bout that - I passed out too and boom it was 7 - he woke me up when he left, and thank god he did cuz i would have slept the whole day if he hadnt - he passed out on the couch after a nice Jam Session with the band...Plus we went through a 24 pack of Stones'... all in all - it was a rockin time. Thanks for lettin him come out and play!...LOL.

and need to have the new number...

congrats on the new hours BTW.