Monday, January 16

Knitters, Start Your Engines!

So, here's the deal. Our illustrious Yarn Harlot is hosting a little contest. To win (and she's very magnanimous - if you finish, you're a winner), you must cast on for a new project after the olympic torch is lit, and finish it before the flame is put out. Here's the catch - it's got to be a project that's a challenge for you as a knitter. Something you haven't knit before, something that's a little bit of a stretch for you, would be perfect. It depends on your own personal level as a knitter, but it has to be something that's a little bit of a challenge. That means no dishcloths, Lisa. You've got to learn something new for this one, that's half the fun. You can't cast on early, either.

If you finish your project before the Olympics are over, you win a fancy gold medal button for your blog, to show the whole world that you're a winner. (I'm really liking this "everyone's a winner", "challenge yourself as a knitter" mentality, competition does terrible things to my complexion.) Good luck!

I think I have my project in mind... Lace, anyone?


HappyFunBall said...

Well, everything except a Hogwarts scarf would be a new thing for me, so I'm totally open to suggestions. I'm considering this and these which are admittedly kind of pussy patterns (as far as difficulty) but at least I won't be poking my eyes out with sharp sticks or attacking innocent ice skaters kneecaps with crowbars.

Jess said...

Maybe I'll start my scarf now, and then I'll start a dishcloth after the torch is lit. Let's be honest, anything is going to be a challenge for me.

But I'm reading Stitch n' Bitch slowly so I absorb things. I might be taking notes, too, but don't tell anyone.

Thanks for going yarn shopping with me. I'm so excited! I get to cast on tonight, if I play my cards right, and I can't wait to leave work so I can KNIT.

Anonymous said...

Alright!! Lace eh? I'm in cable-land right now. I've been told to post pics on my blog, I might do so tonight after knit night.

Sooo, do we get a peek at your planned project?

I saw the contest, but I suck with dealines, so I'm not sure I'm even going to try.

Sunny said...

Oh my, this sounds fun. I only know how to do a basic stich. I really need to figure out how to purl.

What can I do? Any suggestions?

Lisa said...

Hmmm....I've never DONE a dishcloth before, so I guess that would be new to me...don't worry, though, I think you'll be impressed with my choice.

sunny said...

HFB: I've never done real live cables yet, or made mittens. I don't think that's pussy at all.

Jess: Don't let what I'm about to say about dishcloths change your mind. You have the tiniest cotton I've ever seen. It is a worthy project.

~k~: No fair giving up before we start! It'll be fun, seriously. Come on, pleeeeeaaaasssee?

Sunny: You know, if it's something you wouldn't normally be able to make in 16 days, that counts, too.

Lisa: Even if you've never knitted a dishcloth before, there is no way in hell it will take you 16 days. That's not a challenge, dude. :p You've knit at least one scarf, and it's a way smaller scarf, basically.

Nads said...

I totally want to get in on this....but I am really no that good. I have two things that I am going to work on. On is a baby afghan and another is a scarf, I am using my own pattern. I think I will do the scarf after the torch is lit.

The scarf would be a challenge because I am knitting two colors together....I just might do that one .. =)