Wednesday, January 4

Mail Time

I bought some stuff on Ebay a while back, and I've been wondering where in the Blue Fuck it went to. When I went to the mailbox this afternoon, this is what I found:

Is that the funniest note you've ever seen? I'll give you a minute to look it over.


Done? Did you notice the strange wording? Did you notice that it was signed, "Mail Carrier"? How politically correct! Kudos to you, Mail Carrier whose name I do not know! Did you notice they abbreviated my last name? Which is great for the blog, of course, but it looks a little generic, don't you think? Considering that, as my Mail Carrier, they've got my name written down right in front of them? And finally, it was written on a freaking NAPKIN! How's that for MAKING MY FUCKING DAY with the funny?!


When I was surfing Ebay on Christmas Day, I happened to see that there were a lot of items up for sale which no one had bid on, with only a few seconds remaining. Of course, I bid on everything I could find for >$1.00, more or less. That's how I ended up with all this reading material for less than $20.00:

Note to self: Check Ebay on major christian family holidays.

Note to self: Don't sell on Ebay right before major christian family holidays.

Oh, and look what else I got? It's an audio book for me to listen to while I'm knitting. And it's READ BY THE AUTHOR.

Isn't that great? All those packages all at once, and I didn't even pay very much for them. I'm so happy. I'm even forgiving the fact that the Mail Carrier didn't write down who's office the packages were in, and that I misunderstood her to mean I had to go to the post office to retrieve them. And then come back home and go to the apartment manager's office. Where they were. It's all good, just look how much stuff I have that I didn't have before. I'm in bookworm heaven. ChickLit heaven, even. The Oprah's Book Club book was a tag-along, I swear it. I got it in a pack of four other books I bid on for 99¢. Please let me stay in the cool kid club.

As if all this wasn't enough, I also got a letter from Elann. Apparently, I signed up for something one time when I was drunk, and now I get nifty newsletters like these:

And they have little peices of yarn inside, like these:


LostNotFound1980 said...

Well today is your birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one!

That note is hilarious!!!

B said...

It seems to me we're going to have to get a bigger mailbox if you're going to keep getting GIGANTIC LOADS of things from ebay. Nice deals on the books, though.

jenifleur said...

Hrrm I thought that was a ransom note there for a sec. Thanks for the ebay tips. Don't think I won't use them against you!!! *g*

sunny said...

Haha! Easter, here we come! It'll be a Battle Royale!

Jess said...

I love packages. Apparently, I had a package sent to me around Halloween time that never made it to me. My sister was quite disappointed that it didn't show up. I think it was filled with lots and lots of candy!

I bet the postal workers ate it.

And the note? Hilarious.