Monday, January 16

Ramblin' Rose

I'm still living with limited access to the internet. By which I mean I have no way of getting to all of the blogs I have bookmarked on my computer. I'm distraught.

And yet, at the same time, so happy! Because I will have hours of wonderful reading when I get the internet on my computer again!

Jessica was here on Sunday, and I learned that she and I are almost eerily similar. I won't speak for her, but I know how I react to having a new person around, when it's a person I want to like me. In the case of Jess, this was only the second time we've met in person - and yet, we've been reading each others' blogs for a year and a half.

I will be fair here and say that almost all of the pressure I feel is pressure I put on myself for no good reason.

When I have that "Golly gosh, I sure hope she likes me," feeling, I get very manic. At times when I was out shopping with Jess (we went yarning, because she's learning to knit!), I would get so excited while telling a story that I would have to remind myself to breathe and not talk at the speed of light (sound?). It was funny, because I caught her doing the same thing*.

We got a lot of story-telling accomplished, and some girly-movie-watching, but I only showed her the most basic of the basics of knitting. She did buy some how-to books, though, and I told her that she can call or send me an email anytime she's confused and can't find an answer for her question. (Hey Jess? This is an awesome site, and they have little movies that show you how to do things. Awesome.)

We went out to eat tonight at a new restaurant in the 'Patch. Ludwig's Roadhouse* is pretty damn good. I recommend it. Highly. Ask for Sarah, she was an awesome server.

*Yes, I still like you. I think I even like you better than ever!!!*** You need to come here more often.

**Alright, you caught me. I forgot the name already.

***Totally not said to prod you into saying the same thing.****

****Maybe just a little.

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Jess said...

I totally adore you even more now that we got to go yarning! And I guarantee that I will down more often. I think I should show up at the beginning of the weekend next time, though, so we can actually hang out more. Damn work and stuff. Grrr...

And, yes, I was all giddy and story-telling retarded. I think it's a girl thing. Or maybe it's just a Sarah and Jessica thing. No matter, I had the bestest time.

The emails are going to start showing up. Just wait...