Wednesday, December 14

Listen Up, Everybody*!

[*Everybody with cable televison.]

Hey, have you been watching Project Runway? If not, well, damnit, you should. It's ten times better than The Amazing Race (Craptastic Family Edition), and it's all about fashion and creativity and it has the added bonus of rampant flamboyancy that I just know you're craving. At least, I am..

If so, can we have a little chat? Who do you think is going to be in the final three? I already have a set list in my head - who do you think will make the cut?

I'm going say

  1. The Egomaniac will definitely make it to the final three - because not only has he done some fantastic work already, he's got a Wendy Pepperesque 'bitchy' that they probably will keep in for the drama.
  2. Mr. Fantastic will be making it to the finals - he's classy, thoughtful, and on top of fashion. My prediction is that he will continue to lay low until the final few shows, and then bring out the big guns.
  3. And my prediction is for Seasoned Professional to win. He's already shown himself to be an awesome designer, and a good sport to boot. For example, during tonight's judging he told Santino that they should "just give it to him". I'm loving this guy.

I hope these guys really get to battle it out in the finals. If none of them totally drop the ball, I could see this happening - my only question is whether Bravo will feel like they need to include a woman in their final choices. In my opinion, the women have really been doing crappy so far, but maybe they'll pick things up in time to make it. So far, only Little Miss Two-Face has really shown any real potential - and that's giving her more than I really think she's worth. To be honest, I didn't even like the dress she won with, but then again, I'm just Average Joe, not a fashionista by any means.

This outfit, on the other hand, is pure fashion gold. (I would post the link to tonight's outfit, but they haven't put it online yet. Bravo employs slackers, hahaha. Please don't sue me, Bravo, that was a joke. You can tell by the hillarity.)

So, in conclusion, watch this show! It's great fun, there's lots of gay conflict and crying and fun fashion stuff. Also, this season we get to watch with bated breath for the moment that Heidi Klum's stomach bursts at the freaking seams. (Is it just because she's so skinny? Or is she really ready to pop?) Plus it's only one night away from Tuesday, and I just know you're looking for an Amazing Race replacement. SJ, please?


Jess said...

I have not been impressed by the women yet, either. Really, I think they're all just really catty. Except for maybe Miss South Africa. I like her. Really. She's got some hidden spunk in there. I'm ready to see what she pulls out of her bag of tricks.

Though, I agree with your picks for the top three. Unless, as you said, they drop the ball. All of them have been producing some great work, and, really, who could resist seeing the Egomaniac continue to pout when he doesn't always place first? R keeps rooting for him to lose because he's such a whinesack.

I heart Project Runway. We should have Thursday morning chats about the night before.

Tessa said...

I'm bursting with jealousy right now. When I had cable I ADORED this show and watched the first season.

I even posted about how deeply rad Jay is.

I can't believe I'm missing the second season.
Bravo better put this show on DVD if they know what's good for them.

SJ said...

yes, I'm totally gonna watch it. I'm having to catch it when it's rerun during the week because it comes on at 6 PM for the love of God.